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With a vast range of business capabilities and with experiences in many roles, I can help advise your business in many ways.

 I have often been on the leading edge of business change and technology, such as leading and defining Architecture at IKEA before it was acknowledged in any business, and over the last few years, driving and questioning Ethics within Artificial Intelligence.


Research and Development

The ability to research and develop any topic to give genuine insights and use cases.


Business Architecture

Develop RoadMaps, Dependencies and Business Models for any business or technology,



Facilitate and moderate conferences, workshops and business meetings, from board level down to  One to one discussions..



Establishing, Developing and Coaching Business Governance, Core Values and Business strategies, for startups to multi-nationals.

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The Future of Work

Available as an ebook and physical book.

The purpose of this book is to start to understand the enormous impact that Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will have on humans and society. There are a lot of questions and worries in the media, but do we understand what it means?
We can call this the 5th Industrial revolution and will explain why. We will take a look back in history to highlight some of the significant milestones in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

ISBN Softcover: 9781714090273