How to stop people shouting on a mobile phone!

imagesBWG8A7Z2Have you every been in at work or on in a train or a public place and somebody receives a phone call and then start to shout!!!

Is it because we use technology or is it because we always raise our voice when somebody does not understand.

I have an idea to be able to help this situation. We are all used to noise reduction windows or noise reduction headsets, the process of removing noise from a signal.

Why can’t we do that when people are talking on a phone?

I don’t mean noise reduction microphones as such, the ability to get a clearer voice message.

What I mean is a human voice reduction so that when someone speaks on a phone, the noise reduction removes the voice from the human.

My first idea was to use an old hair dryer as such a device, so that you can have hands fee and also a 3D screen on the inside.

untitled (9)

But this would not be so portable.

What I would like is a phone headset that emits a signal so that when one talks then only the microphone can recognise the voice and everybody else would hear nothing ……

Is there anybody out there with solution for this idea????

george muir


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